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Welcome. This WEB site is a resource primarily for those who have taken our Reiki classes through Edens-Path.com. If you have taken one of our classes, you are eligible to use the site. If you have not taken one of our classes but would like access to this material, go to (or return to) http://www.edens-path.com and contact us there. We will consider every request, but do not promise access. There is no charge for this service at this time. Also, no continuing education credit or Reiki Attunement Certificate is offered for your studies on this site. You must attend one of our live classes for that.

      Here you will learn about the history, practice and uses for Reiki. The information presented here is intended to instruct in an easy, comfortable way. The tests that will be here are for you to learn from and with. Nothing has been installed by us to keep a record of your study activities on the site. Contents are copyrighted, but that just means that you can’t claim our content as your own. If you quote this material, credit the author, Dexter Clark.

     If you came here looking for reikiinsight.com (without the “s”), we are not them, and they are not us.